May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day to ...

all of the amazing, devoted, loving and awesome Mother's out there!

As you can see from many of my Huffington Post blogs ..."Listen to Your Mom: 15 Helpful Tips for my Kids" (click here),"Elderly Mother Inspires with Active, Full Life" (click here), "My Mother was Highjacked" (click hereor for all of them, click here, my mother continues to be a big influence in my life. Though she had a (thankfully benign) brain tumor when she was 48, and experiences partial paralyzation on her right side, along with stone deafness and other difficulties, at 85, Mom continues to be forever appreciative for life, for each and every day, and for the simple things ... like when a long-time vendor hugs her every time she walks in the shop. (E,g., she's had the same mechanic, Hordy, working on her Mercedes for 40 years!!)

People absolutely LOVE my Mom because she is kind, generous, loving, creative, fun, funny, sassy, sharp as a tack, energetic, and genuine. She has a killer sense of style and will expound on the importance of how wearing "a little lipstick" and a swipe of mascara can seriously impact a woman's life.

God Bless the mothers who bring love and joy to the world ... and who may be our only salvation for learning how to fold a fitted sheet.

 Click here for "Teach Your Children Well: The Art of Folding Laundry."

Thanks, Mom.

Photo: Bonni, Betty the Matriarch, and Pamela

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