May 11, 2016

No Glasses, No Cell Phone, No Dinero

The other day I ran out of my office for a meeting AND ... left my glasses and cell phone on my desk and my wallet under my desk.

The lucky thing is that I remembered my shoes.

So what is the mind game when the only thing frontal-lobe is getting the heck out of somewhere? A mad dash can lead to brain blank-out.

Of course, I was poised and focused at the meeting. When it was over though and I was back in my car, I searched my purse to find my reading glasses (GONE) so that I could check my email messages on my phone (GONE.) A grande cafe latte expresso at Starbucks seemed in order until I noticed that my wallet, too, was GONE.

There was a sense of freedom in not having glasses. I also didn't give a whistle if I wasn't receiving emails and, until I located my wallet, yo no tengo nada de dinero.

As one of my favorite teachers at an independent school in Greenwich, Conn. used to say, "Check, please!"

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