November 20, 2020

My Turkey Collection in Time of the Pandemic

    This is just part of my traditional turkey collection. I've got everything from a Beanie Baby turkey to the big feathered one that is the anchor to the collection. I try to add on to it every year. And you never know where turkeys will surface. I once found a wonderful triumvirate in a gift shop in the catacombs of Rome. My sister just sent me the following from San Francisco, where she lives:

    "Look what I scored at a grocery and hardware store!"'

    It's comforting to go up to the attic, bring down the boxes, and carefully unpack them from bubble wrap and tissue paper. I need this comfort right now.

    Beyond my collection, right outside the front door, the Covid-19 pandemic is surging. Today--November 20, 2020--there are 11.8 million cases of Covid in the United States. We've just reached the frightful mark of 252,000 deaths. Governor Cuomo is urging New Yorkers to remain diligent and avoid holiday gatherings and travel. 

    This year, we are going to pass on seeing my almost 90-year old mother for Thanksgiving Day. She has caregivers who might be asymptomatic. We will forego seeing our children and siblings. It will just be me and My Hero. Which means everyone will miss my usual panic and pressure to cook turkey for the family. Share my pain in HuffPost, "Thanksgiving Turkey: Let's Get Fresh".  Or learn handy tips from my other HuffPost: "10 Thanksgiving Tips for Turkey Day & The Joy of Fowl" where you can learn how to get extra points in etiquette when asked to pass the salt.    

    This Thanksgiving everything is tainted by Covid. We will give blessings to all of those affected by the virus and prayers that the vaccine will come soon.


November 13, 2020

Dear Mom, I won't be able to come for Thanksgiving. Coronavirus is spiking here ...

My heart sunk when I received that text from my daughter. She was making plans to come East from Cincinnati, where she is living. Coronavirus is spiking there, as it is all over the country. U.S. reports a record 153,000 new Covid cases (today alone, Thursday, 11/13/20). The number of people dying every day from the disease is climbing, too. 

We have to try and have a nice holiday. Even if it's Facetime-ing the whole meal with family and friends.

What a world we live in. I feel as crazed as the Pilgrim in the postcard below. Chasing the Thanksgiving turkey.


November 9, 2020

The 2020 Election: French Cartoonist BIZ on the BIDEN-HARRIS Win


Our friend,  French cartoonist BIZ, followed up yesterday's cartoon with this perfect rendering. ByeDON!

I actually felt lighter today. Everything was brighter in color, as if I was looking at the world through a different lens. Makes me realize the stress I've had EVERY SINGLE DAY since the day Trump took office. No kidding, every single day the country endured stress from his complete ineptness.

Let's just say ... in this lifetime, you never want to be fired from a job and have the whole world break out in celebration. 

November 6, 2020

The 2020 Election: French Cartoonist BIZ Sees the Truth


From our friend Pierre Bizalion, a renowned French cartoonist. Just to show how much the French are involved in our actuality/reality/mishagoss/nonsense.

October 29, 2020


 I voted early!!!





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