June 8, 2019

Clean Up, Aisle 5

Just spotted a robot in aisle 5. WTF?
Another reason not to use self-checkout. 
It takes jobs away from the unskilled and poorly educated person 
who is trying to make a living. 


May 30, 2019

B-B-B-Benni and the Jetssss

To celebrate the release of "Rocket Man" in cinemas, NPR's "Fresh Air" replayed Terry Gross's interview with Elton John. It reminded me of a past post on "Bonni Brodnick Blog" which features E.J. and mondegreens. (See "A Mondegreen: 'You Make Me Feel Like a Manchurian Woman," 2/23/13.)

Do you know what a mondegreen is?

noun: A word or phrase resulting from mishearing a word or phrase, especially in song lyrics.

When I was growing up, along with thinking Aretha Franklin's "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" was "You Make Me Feel Like a Manchurian Woman," I was also certain "The Girl from Ipanema" was "The Girl with Emphysema."

My other favorite mondegreen is Elton John's "Benni and the Jets." (Click here.) 
Kids can hear the darndest things. Turn up the volume. Feel free to sing along:

Hey Q
Chain the lous together
The spy is hitting zombies
That are known to chafe in leather, 
We'll kill a fatty cop tonight 
So stick around
You've got a hairy leg
Trick music, malt balls of sound,
Oh Kerry and Romney,
Have you seen them yet?
Oooh, cuz they're so spaced out,
B-B-B-Benni and the Jetssss,
Oh the sweet and the wonderful,
Oh man, she's a rent-a-cane,
She's got electric boobs,
My ma has two,
You know I read it in a magazine, oh, oh,
B-B-B-Benni and the Jetssss.
Hey Keys,
Why don't you plan it to the faceless,
Maybe they're blind, but then again they're faceless,
Reach out to take ourselves home alone,
Well, we found a pair of sarongs
In the street, but we couldn't be wrong,

Oh Kerry and Romney,

Have you seen them yet?
Oh, but they're so spaced out, 
B-B-B-Benni and the Jets.
Oh, but the wheels are so wonderful, 
Oh man, she's a rent-a-cane, 
She's got electric boobs,
My ma has two,
You know I read it in a magazine, oh, oh,
B-B-B-Benni and the Jetssss ...
Benni, Benni, yeah, yeahhh, 
Benni, Benni, Benni, oh Benni and the Jets,
Benni, Benni, Benni, Benni, Benni, Benni, Benni, Benni, yeah, yeahh.

Incidentally, I thought Elton John wrote this song for me. (Bonni.)

May 22, 2019

Hudson Valley Writers Center: "Raquel Welch + Mayonnaise"

I am thrilled and delighted to announce that my piece, "Raquel Welch + Mayonnaise", has been selected for the Hudson Valley Writers Center showcase. 

May 13, 2019

Looking Seaward

"Who dat?" asked my dog while strolling down the beach. 
She wondered (to herself) why this big dog 
was wearing a long coat and tasseled fez 
and staring at the ocean.

April 16, 2019

Happy 2nd Strokeadversity!

Two years ago I posted this and the next morning -- without warning -- 
I had a stroke. So, today I celebrate two years of recovery. 

I am surrounded by love from family and friends. Truly, I am blessed.

Some of the messages I received today include ...

"Your recovery is an inspiration to us all and a testament to your character and determination. You came back to life during my faith's celebration of the resurrection ... We are blessed by your presence in our lives."

"... From the bottom of my heart, I am overflowing with gratitude for your astonishing recovery ... Your forward momentum and your amazing mind are continuously inspiring. Love forever."

"Your recovery reveals your determination to continually fill our lives with your beautiful being. Lucky us!"

" ... Your story is of amazing resilience. What could have been isn't. What is ... is a beautiful, intelligent, sincere, loving, humorous, and caring person who happens to be my sister Bonni. ..."

"Be in love with your life." ~Jack Kerouac

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