April 2, 2013

Flubber, Whee-Los + Silly Putty

With the 2nd of April (and all the foolishness and buffoonery of the 1st behind us), we turn to other games of spring.

Who doesn't remember B'Loonies? (See above.) You squeeze out a ball of plastic, stick it on the end of the straw, and blow through the straw to create a bubble. The tricky part was pinching the bubble off the straw to seal it before the whole thing deflated.  I remember the sticky fingers and the smell of plastic.  

I also remember -- and do NOT show this part to anyone under 6  -- wanting to chew the B'Loonies. (In full disclosure, I did. But only once.) The plastic tasted so toxic that I realized the instructions on the back of the package must be for good reason: "Not a food item. Do not eat or place in mouth."

The following things remind me of spring. Each and every one of them was back-in-play once it was warm enough to wear ankle socks:

(Notice a trend of silicone polymers? Is it any wonder we used to play in the white smoke fuming behind the truck of "The Mosquito Man" [who really should have been called "The DDT Man"]? And while we're wondering ... isn't it amazing that I was able to birth two children after playing with Flubber and running around in DDT smoke?)


Chinese Jump Rope

Silly Putty


Cat's Cradle 
(I'm pretty good at it. So if you ever want to play ...)

Hula Hoops

Skip Rope

And, of course, the standard ... Red Rubber Ball

Besides birds, bees, flowers and the usual blah-blah, what reminds you of spring?

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