April 1, 2013


On Easter Sunday, the temperature in Pound Ridge was a balmy 57-degrees. My garden is just starting to awaken. The crocuses (croci?) are starting to come up and there is a mum of buds on the lilac bush. Encouraged by the little things that make springtime magnificent in Pound Ridge, we even brought out the patio furniture. Gin and tonics here I come!

So imagine my surprise when I awoke this morning to 4-feet of snow and temperatures dipping into the 30s. Weather-wise, it's such a coo-coo day/year. Out come the boots and mittens and hats and gloves. Again. And just when we thought we were finished with the our trusted snow plow guy, there he was, going up and down the driveway making mountains of snow. 

Last night the Corgi calendar in the kitchen was ceremoniously and gloriously flipped from March to April. Today we are in a complete throw-back to January. The furnace is on over-drive and we fear yet another black-out from the weight of the snow on the power lines. My hands are chapped just typing this. And my lips have suddenly reverted to mid-winter mode. Anyone have any Carmex? Can I borrow your sunglasses? The glare outside is killing me.

Whoever thinks global warming is happening is crazy. New research studies indicate that it is actually global freezing that we are experiencing. Expect it to be more and more frequent that one day it will be spring-like, and the following day we will be under feet of snow. So don't put away your snow boots. In fact, NEVER put away your snow boots. Some of the country's top weather experts believe that these extreme freeze/thaw episodes are what we can expect as the "new normal." This frightening prediction of temperatures and precipitation gone askew will completely change our lives in ways we cannot even begin to speculate.

Here are a few shots taken this morning:

The snow drifts are about 6-feet high.

The snow plow guy is baaaaaaack!

Snowdrifts out front cover half of the windows (in a sort of bosomy way, I must say).

Will winter ever end????


                                                                                                                      (Happy April Fool's Day *<|:-)

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