November 6, 2011

A Wedding Dress & Matron Hipness

My husband and I are about to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary on November 9th. Here's the thing ... close friends are hosting a Sunday afternoon champagne gathering in our honor and the dress code is: "Wear your wedding dress."

Mine has been dry cleaned, swathed in tissue paper and practically vacuum packed since November 10, 1986. I went up to the attic to carefully remove it from the box, unbuttoned the 31 buttons down the back, took a (very) deep breath and slipped it on. Dang. It almost/almost fits. Bearing two children and putting on 10 lbs. since my wedding day has made my trunk more matronly. If I could just fasten the last 10 buttons, but they hit right above the hips that once housed two babies.

Should I tie a satin scarf around my midriff to cover the gap in the back? Or invert a white satin blouse and tie the arms in a bow?

I think I will embrace that I can even get the wedding dress on, and be thankful for my life: 25 years of marriage to the love of my life, two fanastic/happy children, and a beautiful home that we call "The Brodnick Love Shack."

My alternative fashion option for the anniversary fete will be a white satin blouse and black velvet pants. For bridal mode, I'll slip on my Suzanne Daché wedding veil ... and if that doesn't fit, I'm really in trouble.

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