August 7, 2023

UNIQUELY LISL: On Age & Beauty

                                                                                   Photo: Bonni Brodnick

"Use this one," said my dear friend Lisl Steiner as we were selecting photos for an article we were working on. 
"I look old here. I like it when I look old."

Lisl was the only person, let alone woman, I knew who upped her age. When she was 85, Lisl always added two or three years.

"I'm 88," said this proud 85-year-old. She passed on June 7, 2023, at 95 (in "Lisl Language" we can say she was 98.). Lisl said she always wanted to die in her favorite hotel in Vienna on her 99th birthday. (Let's give her +3 years and say she wanted to die there when she was 102.) 

Lisl's joie de vivre and sense of adventure will live on and on for all who adored her. The zaniness of adding three years to her life, well, why not?

                                                                                                 Photo: Bonni Brodnick

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