July 31, 2023

R.I.P. Pee-Wee

 I remember going with a few friends to Carnegie Hall to see Pee-Wee Herman LIVE. He did a hilarious "Big White Shoe Dance." 

Pee-Wee will long be remembered for his uncanny style and unbelievable wit. A true zeitgeist of the 80's and 90's, he was childlike, whimsical, and comically naive. Offbeat, with an innate weirdness. I just loved Pee-Wee Herman. 


Laurence Waltman said...

I think I went with you. Peewee was a creative genius. A phenom.

Bonni Brodnick said...

It was with you, Zio!! Pee-Wee's performance was hilarious. What a unique and divine spirit he was.

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