September 8, 2020

Summer Wanes Amidst The Pandemic

Mary & Bonni Giving a Socially-Distanced Hug Goodbye

                    Mary + Bonni Giving a Socially-Distanced Hug Goodbye                                  Photo: Palmer Davis

As summer wanes, The Pandemic continues across the nation and around the world. It's been seven month so far, and the vaccine ever more dire. Some friends from France were planning a trip to the States this fall. Back in March, they thought they'd push the trip from September to October, thinking the virus would surely be over by now.

NOT. Models project that nearly 300,000 Americans could die from Coronavirus by December 2020. (Source: CNN) And here I was a complete wreck, distraught by sleepless nights, and in deep depression about the 100,000 death-mark noted in the NYTimes article on May 27.

The virus is always here, lurking in the background, a pestilence in the shadows. Covid19 is front-of-mind every day and everywhere.

Looking for a momentary escape, good friends and I planned an outdoor picnic at Lyndhurst Mansion, a gorgeous Gothic structure on 67-acres of well-landscaped scenery that overlooks the Hudson River. 

We arrived wearing masks, but soon took them off to sip Rosé and have a wonderful lunch ... being aware constantly of keeping distanced.
                                                                                        Photo: Palmer Davis

One of the most memorable things about the day was seeing an American Bald Eagle  whizz past right above us. So majestic!

Was seeing the eagle an omen? Was it good luck and a positive harbinger that the Pandemic will soon end as well as the current presidency? We can only pray.

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