July 2, 2020

TINY LOVE STORIES: "Do You Think We're Compatible?" (100 words)

"Do you think we're compatible?" 
This is what I'll ask my husband at any time, out of the blue, 
because I marvel 
that we've been together for 34 years. 
But I never imagined that when we got married 
we'd be stuck inside together for 90+ days straight. 
During the quarantine, he's commandeered the dining room with three computers and a printer, 
and I'm upstairs in my office. 
We hardly see one another during the day. 
Then at dinnertime, we'll watch a movie, laugh, and sit very closely on the sofa. 
"Do you think we're compatible?" 
Yes. I do.


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Betty Kogen said...

How fortunate that the Brodnicks grew together over the years developing from two-individuals-in-love into a close-knit foursome that continues to achieve personally & professionally.

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