July 18, 2020

New Pillows For Quarantine Sanity

In this country, tens of thousands of people are coming down with Coronavirus daily. Cases continue to surge in the south and the midwest. One expert said, "The idea that every mayor, every governor, every local official, should figure out their own pandemic response and what to do and not to do is crazy." There's no leadership.

I'm freaked out.

While COVID rages, I quarantine as much as possible. This is the summer I'm home. A lot. 

I had to do something that would cheer me up. Make me feel good about being inside. So I decided to change my living room with summery pillow cases as a distraction from the raging pandemic. 

I checked Etsy, thinking that would be the perfect place to start. Voilà... found MyPillowStudio. Just stuff your old pillows inside whatever cases you choose. Here is the sassy combo I came up with:

                                                                                                                                              I'm lovin' it.

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