June 17, 2020

COVID Fashion Show: A Pooch During Quarantine


I overheard ACB (our daughter) talking to Maggie (our 3-year old Cavapoo) one day while we were in Stay-at-Home mode for three months, March through June. ACB was home studying for her medical exam and the 14-hour days/nights of focused learning called for distraction. “Wanna play dress up?”

During study breaks, ACB styled Maggie, who patiently modeled anything. You’ll notice a medical theme to the outfits, along with a few other doozy looks sure to amuse.

"Dr. Fauci said."
  "Dr. Brodnick here. How can I help you?"
"Just 'cause it's quarantine, doesn't mean we can't dress up a little. I decided to wear a lacy blouse, 
red skirt, and the red bag for a little pop. Raise your paws if you dig the look."

"I'm scrubbed and ready for surgery. Has anyone seen my stethoscope?"

"I can dream, can't I?"

“I feel sorry that the 2020 graduates didn't have the pomp, romp, and circumstance this year.”

"Here I am channeling Little Edy in 'Grey Gardens.'"

"Me working at my home office in the dining room. Double-screens, a printer and 
I'm good to go. I don't even have to wear shoes to work."

"Wearing a sports bra can be tricky when you have 6 nipples,
but that doesn't stop me from working out every day. No excuses!"

"Do you like it with my glasses like this ..."

"... or on my head ..."

"... simply without?"

"I know what people will say for this shot. 'Awwww ...'"

The antics of ACB and Maggie clearly kept quarantine lively during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic.

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