February 25, 2019

Baby Lambs: Can't You Just Hear Them Baaaaaaaaaahhhh?

Sisters Bonni + Pamela holding Exhibitions I and II

I am a She Warrior Post-Stroke Survivor. I've worked hard to get to this point in my recovery. 

What I see in this photo is me and my sister holding two newborn lambs. I also see the celebration of another springtime, more time to live and to toast good health, happiness, birth, and mirth.

I want to thank my 88-year old mother for giving birth to me, and then giving me a second chance to live on I-95 on that fateful Easter morning; to Janie and Joe for being my Good Samaritans; to my beloved family and friends for keeping vigil; to the doctors and nurses in ICU at Yale-New Haven Hospital, and to those at the acute in-patient unit at Phelps Memorial Hospital. 

Here's to another springtime celebrating the birth of baby lambs!

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