February 19, 2019

David H. Kogen, Long May He Reign

We remembered our beloved father, David H. Kogen, on February 13. In 1986, I was in Alexandria, Virginia, working on a joint-marketing campaign, "Project Hometown America," for American Express Travel Related Services and United Way. Only weeks before, on January 28, Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff. My colleagues and I were stunned when we saw the traumatizing event on TV.

My mother called me on the morning of the 13th with the news: Daddy died playing tennis. A heart attack, right on the court. I screamed and ran into the ladies room. An older woman was in there and said, "Dear, do you need a hug?" I told her I was fine. Why didn't I let her hug me? I was far from fine. I just got word that my father died.

Here is a photo of me and my sister (left) with our father. Pamela and I are adorably outfitted in twin sailor dresses sewn by our mother. (Click here for "Fall 1966: The Cool and Groovy Look".) There's a peak of my white gloves. We had to wear them because of germs.

My father was a true gentleman. Smart, funny, thoughtful ... and see how much he loved his girls?

David H. Kogen, long may he reign.

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