April 5, 2018

In the Pool for Aqua Fit

In the swimming pool at 9 a.m. for Aqua Fit. This easy-on-the-joints exercise was recommended for post-stroke. 
"Kick, kick!" said the instructor. I admired her verve.
"Now move to the right ... and puuuuulllll your arms to the left."

When I had my stroke on Interstate-95, my 86-year old mother (who was in the passenger seat) quickly jerked the car off the highway over to the right.
"You were slumped at the wheel," she said. "I had to take control of the situation."

That quick veer to the right, I believe, is the reason for the continued pain.

"Here, take these.. They're lighter," the instructor noticed I was having trouble with the weights. I told her I had a stroke. She said this would be easier. I can move up to heavier ones later.
My lack of strength on the right was obvious. I felt like crying. Will it ever be strong? Am I being overly hopeful that it will be equal to the left? 
I flashed back to being in the ICU almost a year ago. I was paralyzed. I couldn't even move my right hand off of my thigh.

I remind myself of those times and I think how very far I've come.
I am grateful.
I have eternal gratitude for the simplest of things ... my snoring dog. (Aren't I lucky to be able to hear?)
I am sitting at my desk. And typing. And the type isn't jacked up (as my daughter did last summer) to 18-points so that I could see it better.
There are certain blind spots now, but I can see!!!!!
With my new pacemaker, I don't have to worry that I am having a heartbeat every 4-5 seconds. (It was up to 8-second interim! Not a good sign, I must say.) My heart beats normal. 

I am acutely aware of all of my blessings. 

I am grate-full. (That's my new word for full of gratitude.)

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