July 12, 2016

Letters from Jackie, Bert and Ernie, & Princess Diana's Lady-in-Waiting

I am fond of letter writing. I am even fonder of the responses. I have a collection of letters (to ME!) from Princess Diana's Lady-in-Waiting Sarah Campden, Elizabeth Taylor, Jimmy Stewart, Robert Goulet ... and more.

When my son was a few years old, I wrote fan letters to his favorite television idols. (I must have done it while he was napping.) Here are two treasures from "The Brodnick Family Archives:"

My early inspiration and love for letter-writing was inspired by my father in 1960 when he wrote to the First Lady. A beautifully written thank you note came back. I love the closing, the spacing, the elegance of the signature. (Unfortunately, our housekeeper dripped coffee on the letter. Ah-hemm.)

My mother, too, is renowned for her notes. She's got boxes and boxes of personalized letterhead, note and gift cards. One of her first gifts to my son was stationery with sailboats floating across the top blue banner. Although I wrote his thank you notes (in an upside-down scrawl so that it looked like he wrote them), my son learned early the importance of personal communication.

In an effort to support the U.S. Postal Service, buy stamps and write letters. Not emails. For if Bert and Ernie, Mr. Rogers, and Mrs. Kennedy had simply sent me emails, I wouldn't be sharing them with you today.

When you've got a genuine sentiment to communicate, like
                          "You make each day a special day by just your being you."
                                                                                         ~Mr. Rogers

. . . grab a piece of paper and a pen. Get your thoughts together. Write it. Mail it and delight in the possible response you might be lucky enough to receive. You might also learn something you didn't know about your new penpal. 

Like who knew Bert and Ernie could even type?

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