June 25, 2016

Ready or not ...

There is something priceless about finding an old drawing from elementary school.

This crayon rendering accompanied an "essay" on sportsmanship that I wrote in Miss Shalit's second grade class at Glenwood Elementary School in Short Hills, N.J.  What I particularly like about the drawing is the hairband and the scalloped hem of my purple dress. My hair is carefully coiffed into a flip with brown crayon and my cankles seem to melt into purple shoes that have just a hint of heel.

Why is there a cloud coming out of my head? Did I mean to write another comment? Does the house on the right have an awning? Or is that a car blue parked in the driveway? Is a green kayak resting up against the house? Is the light violet stream on the bottom left a fallen fork? Or a path into the house?

And where are my glasses? No matter! It is a sunny day in the life of Bonni Dee Kogen. (See the yellow sun.)

Does this drawing have anything to do with sports?  I don't think so ... and if it did, I think I was more interested in creating a trendy team uniform.

Here is what I had to say on the subject of sportsmanship when I was 8-years old:

(I like the self-confidence of ending at "9" rather than "10.")

Discovering this drawing comes at a particularly poignant time as I am about to start a new chapter.
Ready or not, here I come.

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