June 7, 2016

Throw-Back Monday: Catch a Coco Puff

What can I say? (I'm a giver.)

Here I am feeding Coco Puffs to my Tiny Tears whom I (creatively) named "Tina." 
Tina Tiny Tears. (That's an easy towel monogram, isn't it?)

I soon abandoned Tina for Chatty Cathy, followed by Barbie and her sister Midge, followed by an entire legion of trolls. My favorite was a white long-hair troll from which I created Albert Schweitzer as the main stand-in for a diorama book-review. I remember filling the top of a peanut butter lid with water, and placing it on grass and leaves I had gathered to simulate the African jungle. Orange peels (which stunk up the classroom after a few days) served as Albert Schweitzer's row boats should he want to take a spin around on Peanut Butter Lid Lake.

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