February 13, 2024

London: National Portrait Gallery: SOHO GEORGE looks dapper as ever

Just back from a trip to London. This gentleman was too good to pass by. We started chatting and he immediately opened his jacket:  SOHO GEORGE. I picked one of the coolest dudes to talk with at the National Portrait Gallery. 

"I design all of my clothes, which are made by my tailor, Tony Phillips. He does a  beautiful job," George said. 

"May I take your picture?"


He straightened his tie and took this wonderful fashionista pose. ("Must be someone famous," I thought. "He took this pose so naturally.")

Came home to our flat and found this article in LDN NEWS, by Martin Elvery:

"The 1960s London legend 'Soho George', 80, who still wears dapper suits and struts around the West End

You'll see him wearing stunning suits around Soho, but there's much more to the man than meets the eye

He's George Skeggs, AKA Soho George, a great grandfather who struts local cafes and bars decked out in his signature blue/grey checked suit, Bolero style hat ... and dig the shoes!

"I walk four miles a day round here," George said in his Cockney accent. "I go into the Royal Academy, the bookshops. I used to always say to my daughter, 'If I don't go out, nothing happens."

Well, it happened to me. I was struck by George's originality, his suave gestures and confidence, and his strong sense of self. And he's flippin' 80 years old!!

You gotta love it.

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