July 23, 2015

Word Trend Alert


Have you noticed we are moving towards "perfect"-ion? Just as many people who begin their sentences with "So ..." are now ending them with "Okay. Perfect."

At the hairdresser I was asked if I'd like coffeee, tea or water.

"Water, please."

"Okay. Perfect."

At the supermarket, I asked where the watermelon was.

"Oh, I see it in the front."

"Okay. Perfect."

A friend asked if I had watched the last episode of "sense8."

"I've only seen the first episode."

"Okay. Perfect."

I tried to order cabinet knobs online. When there was a glitch with the order, I called customer service.

"I'm on the site, but the order isn't going through."

"Okay. Perfect," the rep said.

What is so perfect about everything??

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