July 22, 2015

Checking Me Out

I was at an appliance store purchasing a big-tag item and thought I'd apply for an enticingly long no-interest loan.

To complete the credit check, I had to get on the phone with the Wells Fargo rep. Of the several questions he asked me, this was the MOST ARCANE:

"At what address did you receive your Social Security number in 1965?"
And I'm like, "Say whahhhh? Could you repeat that question??"

And he's like, "Where did you.  Receive your Social Security number. In 1965?"

"Hmmm .... let's see. I was in 7th grade ... was it 38 Curtiss Place in Maplewood, New Jersey?"

"Yes-s-s-s-s-s!!" said the WF rep.

Up the music, Joe!!

And P.S.: Where was this kind of credit check scrutiny in 2008???

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