May 21, 2015

On Moving: And Giving

Books in one box. Stuffed animals in the other box. I thought I'd be mournful sorting memories of my children's childhood and that it would be much harder than it was to give things away, but there is something exhilarating in lightening the load. (Especially as moving day is nigh.)

I packed the books and loaded them into my car. When it was time to turn them over to a few incredible teachers who were making the delivery on behalf of a community service project, my heart twitched just a bit. Each and every book in the box represented hours and hours of memorable reading moments with my children who are now 20-somethings out on their own.

Our treasured books have landed in the laps of young children in a school in East Harlem. We are thrilled that the books will be treasured by a new generation of young readers. What better gift than to share our love of reading and to inspire and ignite new imaginations?

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.

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