December 14, 2014

What's a 'della Robbia'?

Inspired by the work of the Italian sculptor, Luca della Robbia (1400-1482), this style of arrangement is luscious with its combination of artificial fruits and pine cones. The wreath bespeaks the holidays.

I happened upon this one on a table at a local holiday bazaar that was about to close. I had found a treasure.

When I went to pay, I asked who had made it, since it looked Pound Ridge Garden Club vintage ... and likely I knew its creator.

"You'll have to ask Virginia. She would know," said my friend at check-out.

I saw Virginia at a party today and was thrilled when she told me.

Pat Medvecky. A brilliant floral designer who was my mentor. I am honored to have this (along with an alligator handbag she once bequeathed me.) 

Pat passed away several years ago , but this beautiful della Robbia is a lasting tribute to her artistry and flair.

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