December 11, 2014

It's Mallomars Season

This was, by far, the best question I was asked today.

I was at the supermarket and noticed a forlorn older couple walking up and down the snack aisle. (They were actually pretty adorable on their mutual quest.)

"Have you seen where the Mallomars are?" the wife asked me as she pushed her shopping cart.

"I heard they only make them in the winter," the husband said.

"He just loves his Mallomars," the wife said as her husband continued searching.

The winter thing piqued my interest big time. Was the husband dispelling an Urban Myth?

I did a little research and ... yes, it is true. Nabisco Mallomars are only available six months out of the year. According to cookie lore, production is suspended during the summer months because of a low melting point and possible discoloration of the pure chocolate coating.

Basically, Mallomars are for folks who don't want to sit by a campfire and make S'mores in the winter. 

Production of Mallomars stops in March. It is high season to start hoarding.

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