December 21, 2014

The "Go to Hell" Sweater

Has it happened to you yet this season? You are at a holiday party and you see a friend or colleague wearing an outrageous Christmas sweater. You mumble quietly to yourself as you take a swig of eggnog, "Are you serious?" or ... "Realllly??" or ... "I love your moxie," or ... "You've got it goin' on guy (or girl)," or ... "Did you buy that sweater at CVS or Michael's?" or ... "I think I've all respect for you," or ... "Is the popcorn stitch back in fashion?"

This is the week to pull out your ugly holiday sweater and go for it! We love BOLD. Show the world your savoir-flair as a Christmas fashionista. And if "they" don't like it ... well, they can go to ...

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