December 18, 2014

Holiday Card Dilemma

Ordered my holiday cards. The big transition question this year was how to sign them. Since the children are 24 and 26, grownup, with jobs, one living in Hawaii and the other in Manhattan, do we continue to sign the card with their names?  For decades I sent great photo holiday cards. I have an album of them saved. The cards feature shots of the children (at 4- and 6-years old) sitting in a row boat or (at 7- and 9-years old) in a pile of autumn leaves. Another shows them playing on the beach at Martha's Vineyard (11 and 13-years old). Remember the one (at 14-and 16 years old) hugging our Corgi, Willis in the field in Pound Ridge? Or the one of David and Annie under a palm tree (at 15- and 17 years old) in Puerto Rico?

Because of their geographical locations in 2014, believe it or not, I have one ... count ONE ... photo of my children together: goofing around in the pool wearing swimming goggles and straw hats. The shot is over-bleached from the sun on a hot August afternoon.

Since the children are likely sending out their own holiday cards this year, do I continue to add their names to our card? What is the metamorphosis from "Bonni & Andrew" to "Bonni, Andrew & David" to "Bonni, Andrew, David & Annaclaire" to "The Brodnick Family" and back to "Bonni & Andrew"?

Feeling forlorn, I went ahead and ordered my 2014 card:

The next morning, daylight brought clarity. We are still "Bonni, Andrew, David & Annaclaire." I called the card company and revised the copy. While the kiddos won't appear on this year's card, we are still family.

Stay tuned to Holiday Card 2015. Hopefully we'll get a great shot of the children together again on one coast.

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