November 30, 2014

TMZ Alert: Scrooge Seen Shopping in Wilton

While looking at a Christopher Radko display at a New England-y Christmas shop, I gazed over my shoulder and saw this:

I didn't want to stare, but damn ... was that Scrooge eyeing the same Santa Totem ornament? And wait ... did Scrooge actually have TINY TIM on his shoulders? (How brazen in a shop full of fragile Christmas decorations. I could imagine Scrooge saying, "Don't worry about walking around this tight space, Tiny Tim. I've got you. Here, jump up on my shoulders. I'm ony 94 years old. There you go. Keep your right hand up for better balance, but I've got you, little guy.")

Being that I am perfectly cool around celebs, I didn't wince and continued looking straight at the holiday display of stockings and ornaments. After a long moment, I realized, though, that Scrooge and Tiny Tim did not move, blink or twitch. (This duo definitely earned their SAG-AFTRA cards. They were excellent.)

How did they do it? They were wax figures!! A hefty price tag dangled from one of Scrooge's elbows.  Not to be Mrs. Bossypants, but would you really want these guys hanging around your house over the holidays?

Too strange.

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