November 12, 2014

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

A friend and I were chatting today about thank you notes. As in ... it takes exactly three seconds to write the two words, "Thank you."

Get primed for the upcoming holiday season. Do you have note cards? Something simple on which to write ...
(and I'm counting ...) "Thank you." (Whew. That took a good three seconds.)

While you consider the importance of TY notes (not to mention keeping alive the United States Postal System), thought you might enjoy my Huffington Post, "Parenting Adult Children: When to Stop Nagging and Let 20-Somethings Grow Up."  (Click here.)

Writing thank you notes was ingrained in my children when they were 3-years old. They had their own note cards and would dictate to me what to write. (Hint: I wrote upside-down to make it look like they had written the note.)

Gratitude is the attitude. For the simplest gift, show your appreciation for the time and thought someone put into y-o-u.
Your graciousness will shine.

Thank you.

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