November 11, 2014

Break Out the Muffs

Let me see ... how can I break this to you easily. AccuWeather has forecasted that this delightful mild weather is just a big fat tease for the Northeast.

Right now, daytime temps are mild in the low-60s but by Thursday there will be a steep drop. "Warm coats, gloves and scarves should be kept close by. A December-like chill is expected to settle in across the region by the weekend."

And the next paragraph actually mentions ARCTIC AIR followed by the chilling words, "... steadily surging south as the POLAR VORTEX dips toward the north-central U.S." 

Followed by something about an air mass "... usher[ing] in the lowest temperatures of the season so far in the Northeast."

"Usher"? Are we trying to be polite?  

This is all making me feel good compared to a weather report of 1987 in Washington, D.C. where an early season snowstorm clobbered the area with 17-inches of snow, accompanied by thunder and lightning.

Time to face the facts. It's November. No if's, and's or but's. It's time to bring out the muffs.

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