October 21, 2014

Free from Gel Nail Hell

Gel nails can be an addiction. As soon as the bed grows out a nano-inch, it's, "Wow, I need to get another manicure. Immediately."

What are gel nails? It's a snappy manicure procedure that salon peops tell you will last two weeks. And it does. Even through washing dishes and typing all day. 

The gel product is polished onto the nails and then hardened by curing it under an ultraviolet or L.E.D. light. (Yes. I have been "curing" my nails.)

Each time I do the gel procedure, I wonder, "Can this be a good thing for my fingernails?" They are soaked in acid, and then the acid-melting polish is scraped off. Sometimes they even apply a drummel to buff down the sensitive nail bed.

It's like eating Ring Dings and thinking, "WHY am I doing this?"

I don't know why the place I go to is called "Plus Nails" when in actuality they are scraping my nails down to paper-thinness. The place should really be called "Minus Nails." 

When I went for a manicure today, it was tempting to go for the high-sheen gel treatment. Regular manicures usually nick as soon as I grab the keys in my purse to drive home. (Keeping my nails under the dryer a little longer would help, but my patience runs out by the third time someone wings by to turn on the dryer for another round.)

So if you see me, check out my au natural nails. I am proud to say that I broke free from Gel Nail Hell. (At least for the next two weeks.)


GourmetGuy said...

yu GO, grl!

Bonni Brodnick said...

Gourmet Guy,
"Thanks for the empowerment," she typed with paper-thin nails that ached with each stroke on the keyboard.

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