October 22, 2014

One Less. One More.

Seeking inspiration? Or to view your life from a different perch? Along with reading Arianna Huffington's book, Thrive, check out One Less. One More by Robbie Vorhaus. (The books are a great double-read.) 

With truth and candor, renowned storyteller and leadership advisor (and my close friend) Robbie Vorhaus, tells us about his past and reveals what inspired him to write this book that comes from the heart.

"Through the ageless philosophy of conscious, intentional, change; and committing to one less negative act, and one more positive action daily, you will discover joy, exuberance, harmony, peace, and personal success," Robbie writes. 

I have long admired him for walking the talk. His life, marriage and family are a reflection of someone who strives for balance, mindfulness, honesty and fulfillment.

OLOM is uplifting and inspiring. It is filled with transcendent wisdom that has true resonance in showing us that the path to wellbeing starts within.

Thank you, Robbie, for sharing your keen insight and for enlightening our journey. My new mantra is “OL-OMMMMM.”

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