May 16, 2014

When Syncing Your New iPhone Goes Kafloo-ey

I got a new iPhone that tripped cyberspace and downloaded contacts from eons ago ... contacts from old media tours for clients (limo driver in Dallas??), defunct yoga studios, school nurses at Pound Ridge Elementary School, Fox Lane Middle and High School, Siberia (was that a restaurant from when I lived in NYC?), a skywriting contact, the host of a sports show in Pittsburgh (who ARE these people??!), 4 addresses for the same person, tile guys, plumbers, different long-gone sydicates. Oh, and here's a really good long-lost contact: This time capsule site has data from 1800 through 2002, "although data for the years 1800-1875 is probably spotty." 

Where has this stuff been floating around for the past 10-15 years?

There is more junk stuffed in the clouds than we will ever know. Until we get a new phone and all hell breaks loose with syncing. 

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