February 19, 2014

The Inn at Pound Ridge (formerly Emily Shaw's): A Tallulah Bankhead Hang-Out

The newly opened Inn at Pound Ridge by Jean-Georges -- formerly Emily Shaw's Inn -- is a sophisticated fusion of urban/rural. The attentive wait staff, decked out in down-home plaid shirts, add to the laid-back ambiance of this high-dining restau that brings new life to the hamlet. With integrity and flair, celebrated restauranteur Jean-Georges Vongerichten continues to make culinary history by honoring Pound Ridge past in this Westchester town that is often referred to as "God's Country."

In the following excerpt from my book, POUND RIDGE PAST: Remembrances of Our Townsfolkformer Pound Ridger Jean Ensign, recalls ...
 "In the 1950s, Emily Shaw's Inn played a big part in our lives. On Friday nights, I remember walking up to the Inn after dinner and meeting friends. Somebody would be playing the piano and we would all sing. On some nights, you'd find Tallulah Bankhead there. Emily Shaw sat in back at the cash register and observe everything that was going on. Emily's son, Jack Shaw, and his wife, Adele, were running the Inn and lived upstairs with their two children.
“On other nights, 'Howdy Doody,' the TV phenomenon, came on at five o'clock. There was a convergence on the Inn because many people didn't have televisions. Jack and Adele did, so we'd go over and watch the show with the other kids in the hamlet."  

POUND RIDGE PAST: Remembrances of Our Townsfolk -- with graphic design by 
Gina Federico and photography by Fran Collin -- is now in its second printing. 

Books are available on Amazon.
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