February 18, 2014

Jimmy Fallon Joins "The Tonight Show" Pantheon

Jimmy Fallon killed it at 30 Rockefeller Plaza/Studio 6B on Night #1 as new host of "The Tonight Show." He's got the all-around talent of what makes an ideal late night host... comic, shticker, dancer, musician ... and it's only going to get better.

In case you missed the first show, here is Jimmy's humble opening as he takes a moment to honor the past and acknowledge the shoulders on which he stands:  Jack Paar, Steve Allen (I used to work with him), Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, and back to Jay Leno.

Here's very first guest of the very first show, Will Smith. He and Jimmy got stanky together in "The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing" montage. Note the cool garb:  matching over-the-shoulder overalls and hip hop boots. (And BTW: Will Smith has a great laugh.)

U2 blasted with a roof-top performance of "Invisible" and later showed they had the goods with an amazing acoustic rendition of "Ordinary Love."

We have a feeling that Jimmy was holding back last night. The best is yet to come as he eases in to being an exclusive member of "The Tonight Show" pantheon.

Welcome back to NYC after 40-years on the left coast. Drum roll, please, from the very best back-up band in the land, The Roots.

You will want to see "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" tonight, tomorrow night, the next night, the next and the next.  Forever Jimmy Fallon.

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