January 7, 2014

Dangers of the Polar Vortex: Don't Lick Flag Poles

It is so frikking cold that my hands are blue on the keyboard. The circuit of electricity on one wall flipped off and, with that, bye-bye small space heater. Brrrr.

The L.A. Times featured a polar vortex story today about a girl in New Hampshire who tempted mother nature by licking the flag pole in her front yard. She called the dare "nerve-wracking," especially when her tongue got stuck and she couldn't exactly enunciate a call for help.

Is this detached jet-stream-gone-rogue from the North Pole making everyone crazy? Was the brutality of winter mocking the stupidity of this kid?

Lesson Learned in the first week of the New Year:
Touching your tongue to a flag pole when it is polar frigid cold weather is a very bad idea.

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