December 31, 2013

In 2014, Read More, Surf Less

Last night I got caught up in the google whirlwind. There's a mistake on my google apps, searched for hours on how to resolve it, caught up with incoming email, and then went on cyber-trails that lead me to research such disparate things as the banking situation in China, red lipstick, Queen Elizabeth II,  ink cartridges for my printer... on and on. Before I knew it, the night was early morning (1 a.m.).

These were hours and hours I could have spent with my beloved husband.  Finishing a section of the NYT or diving into the wonderful collection of short stories by John Updike, which I just got at the library.

One of my vows in 2014 is to get off line and get in line with less time surfing and more time with husband and reading.

I swear herein.

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