July 1, 2013

POUND RIDGE PAST: "Barrels of Oil & Blocks of Ice"

"In the summertime, we went to the Breuningers' on West Lane to go swimming in the pond alongside the house. And on summer evenings, our family went fishing together. With our red cork on the fishing pole, and a can of worms, we'd go down to the big lake in back of the Marshall Oil office on Salem Road. If we were lucky, we caught a bass. We'd also catch sunnies, perch, and at dusk, catfish. Everybody would eat what we caught for dinner. ... When I was growing up in Pound Ridge in the 1930s, everybody knew everybody in town. If you wanted to visit somebody in the evening, you just went. On Sundays, friends would stop in. They'd come unannounced, but they were friends, and you thought nothing of it. It was a super way to grow up. It really was." ~  Excerpt from Bonni Brodnick’s book, POUND RIDGE PAST: Remembrances of Our Townsfolk: "Pat Marshall Bartram: "Barrels of Oil and Blocks of Ice"

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