December 19, 2012

Conversation Etiquette / Addendum

The response I'm getting to my Huffington Post blog about conversation etiquette at holiday parties is hilarious  ( 

New add-ons to the list include (and I have to say ... some are pretty obvious, but people are still victim to the impolite):

1. Don't text and talk.  Eye contact gets lost in the transaction.

2. Don't pour yourself a drink without asking the other person if they'd like a refill.

3. Swallow then talk.

4. If someone has a wog on their cheek, tell them.  (What is a "wog," you might ask? A wog is a piece of food that has somehow flown out of your mouth or off of your plate and lodged itself onto your face.)

5. Send a thank you note to the host/hostess after the party.

As my 81-year old mother says, "Manners were invented to make people feel good."

If you have any other addendums to the story, let me know. The more the merrier.

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