December 22, 2011

Edgartown Lighthouse Dressed for the Season

There aren't a ton of activities to do on Martha's Vineyard in the winter, which is precisely why I love it so much here at this time of year. There is a sense of clarity without all of the traffic and summer hub-bub. Parking spaces are suddenly ubiquitous on Main Street and "See you in 2012" signs in shops closed for winter. During the holiday season, there is something evocative about barren beaches and lighthouses donned with wreaths.

A Santa Claus was walking down the street in Vineyard Haven. I did all I could not to blurt out, "I love your boots." (Manolo, maybe?)

The other big excitement for the day was getting elastic at Shirley's Hardware, which is more like a general store. Along with serious tool-y kinds of things, there are aisles of supplies for crafts, home decorating, office supplies, door knobs, widgets, thingamajigs, doodillies, jumblins, faplotonics, jitzywhats, dingopopplers and zingaloops. Lose a button? check aisle 4. Snap ... she's got just about everything but the kitchen sink. (Actually, check the end of aisle 6. A little further up. Look to the left. Down more. See it?)

Last night we were blasted with a rainstorm that sounded like the side of the house was being pelletted by rocks. Tonight all is quiet mid-Island. The heat just blew on and the grandmother clock chimed midnight. It is time to call it a day.

Or is the phrase, "It's time to call it a night"?

Another reason why I love Martha's Vineyard off-season. It gives one space for reflection.

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