July 29, 2011

RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town" - July 29, 2011


Next time you’re in Scotts Corners, take a moment to visit Plum Plums Cheese Shop to see the new exhibit by Pound Ridge artist Jay deVeau. It's an amazing and inspiring story that brings his work to the fore. Jay grew up with his three brothers and two sisters on Highview Road, but unlike his siblings, he wasn’t interested in art until an event changed his life. “In 1984, I had a terrible car accident that limited my physical ability. I found that one of the only things I could do was paint pictures,” Jay wrote in his artist statement. “It’s fun to see how I’ve improved over the years and how that improvement ‘spurs’ me on,” he continued. “Painting pictures and then writing about them has made me feel productive even though I have a disability. Originally I thought that I had to restore myself physically to even think about working, but as time passed, I finally found something that I could do and be proud of.” The Jay deVeau exhibit, curated by Lisl Steiner Monchek, will be at Plum Plums starting August 6. Stop by and be inspired by this extraordinary painter from Pound Ridge.

Feeling frisky? Want to take a fashion foray with Boho, city, or 70s chic jewelry? How about going Resort Ready with turquoise sea drop earrings, a Birds of Paradise necklace or colorful enamel bangle bracelets? Does a Marrakesh bib necklace sound in order? Carol Piscatelli, a former Wall Streeter and financier, loves jewelry and design and has found the perfect match as a kingpin stylist with Stella & Dot jewelry. “It’s a terrific line that has a broad spectrum of styles, from delicate to funky to big and bold,” said Carol, who has partnered up with Jill Bergman, who represents Arbonne, a Swiss skin care line made from luxurious botanical ingredients. (In learning more about this line that uses only organic extracts of such things as cucumber, birch leaf, watercress and clover blossom, am I one of the only people who didn’t know that some mascaras are made from guano, a.k.a. bat poop? I’m never using mascara again. Ever.) For more info about Stella & Dot jewelry, including setting up your own Stella & Dot business, social network marketing, and upcoming trunk shows, go to www.stelladot.com/carolrose or contact Carol directly at carol4rose@aol.com. To learn more about Arbonne skin products that help revitalize, hydrate and protect your skin (and who doesn’t need that at this point in the summer?) go to www.jillbergman.myarbonne.com.

Pound Ridge Library is planning for the future and you can be part of it. The Board of Trustees and staff request all in the community to take a brief survey to voice your opinion about future Library services. It’s easy as pie. Go to www.poundridgelibrary.com. See the top paragraph? Hit the link for the “website survey.” It can either be completed online or printed and returned to the Library. Paper versions of the survey are also available at several locations throughout town, including the Town House, Key Bank and Scotts Corner Market. “Feedback from our residents and library patrons is not only valuable, but vital,” said Library Director Marilyn Tinter. “Their input is an important and valuable resource as we continue to seek ways in which we can improve library offerings that benefit the entire community.”
... And while we’re on the topic of our wonderful town library and community, “Talk of the Town” sends a warm welcome to the new Interim Principal of Pound Ridge Elementary School, Tim Gembka. He has generously offered to appear at the Library during some of the upcoming children’s events so that he can meet parents and PRES students before first day of school. (I didn’t say those last four words.)

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