July 24, 2011

RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town

July 24, 2011

By Bonni Brodnick

Don’t miss the Pound Ridge appearance of the Malcolm Moore Band and the debut of their new album, “Reanimation,” a mystical journey based on dreams and the supernatural. The eight original compositions that tell the tale of spiritual renewal will be performed at North Star Restaurant on Thursday, July 28 at 9 p.m. by Malcolm—in all lead vocals, drums, percussion and sequencing—along with his four band members Alex Kelley (guitar), Karl Sterling (drums), Sally VanHarken (backing vocals) and Jim O’Mahony (keyboard). Grammy Award nominee Roman Klun produced “Reanimation,” which has been called “spectacularly transcendental,” “truly divine,” “extra sensorial,” and “a sonic feast for the imagination.” If you’re out of town and en vacance this week, “Reanimation” is available at CD Baby, Amazon and iTunes. (When you receive it, take note of the beautifully designed cover, which includes an acknowledgement to the very special Shirley and her inspiration, “Every day is beautiful.”) For more information on “Reanimation,” check out www.malcolmmooremusic.com or the artist page at the record label, www.innsbruckrecords.com/theartists/malcolmmoore.

Many thanks to our cub reporters at Pound Ridge Pool for keeping “Talk of the Town” in the loop. We just learned that Joanne Johnson, the Pound Ridge Dolphin’s new undefeated head coach, has said she is so impressed by the swimmers who rise to the challenge of “swimming up.” The term is when the team does not have enough swimmers of a certain age category and Coach asks a younger swimmer to jump into the older category to save giving away valuable points to the other team. One swimmer in particular, Leni Hibler, has displayed great effort in the face of swimming up. He has lived in Pound Ridge for one year with his mom, dad and four siblings … all water lovers. Kudos from the bleachers to this young athlete for his determination to be such a dependable team player. Point in fact: a swimmer in a freestyle race for Leni’s age group would have to swim one length of the pool. When Leni is asked to “swim up,” he eagerly swims FOUR lengths of the pool … and occasionally against 18-year olds. Oh, and did we mention that Leni is 9?

Have houseguests coming to town this weekend? Treat them to something especially Pound Ridge-ish with delicious butter-rich Mrs. Larkin's Scones. Her yummilicous selection includes Wild Main Blueberry, Chocolate Chip and Cinnful scones. Some of the rotating flavors are Grains, Seeds & Berries; Cranberry-Orange; Rhubarb; Lemon-Poppy Seed; Lavender-Blueberry; and Lemon-Ginger, and her famous Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies. All of the baked goods are made by hand from natural ingredients, in small batches, by the lovely Mrs. Larkin herself. In addition to being available at Pound Ridge Sunoco snack shop, Erica's Kitchen in Bedford Village, Frannie's Goodie Shop in Mount Kisco and Farmer's Table in New Canaan, Conn., you can find the renowned scones and cookies at the Pound Ridge Farmers Market (hosted every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. by Joan Silbersher’s Antiques & Tools of Business & Kitchen on Westchester Avenue), or on Saturdays at the John Jay Farm Market on July 23rd, September 24 and October 15 beginning at 9 a.m. Special orders can be placed a week in advance by contacting Mrs. Larkin at 764-7699 or mrslarkin@mrslarkins.com.

Just when you thought the sight of Pound Ridge in July was about as beautiful as it gets, stop in to Plum Plum’s Cheese Shop on Westchester Avenue to see a selection of photographs by Curtis Lew. Currently on display is his “Designed by Nature” series of botanical photographs, as well as three shots from his “Americana” group, which feature shots of elemental American architecture. For more inspiration, go to www.curtislewimages.com and be sure to turn up the sound. You’ll be enchanted by both the imagery and the perfectly curated accompanying music.

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