November 4, 2010

RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town"

November 4, 2010

Election Day is over. Time to take down the election signs. And while you’re out there, remove the expired tag sale signs. There is also buzz about the permanent vendor signs that are strategically placed on major roadways like Routes 35, 172 and High Ridge Road. Some of the mini-billboards are as sturdy and fixed to the ground as any of the shop signs in Scotts Corners. Many townsfolk landed in Pound Ridge for the beauty of our landscape and the absence of advertising on our country roadways. Let’s get back to nature, folks.

Pound Ridge Fire Department will hold a bi-annual blood drive on Saturday, Nov. 6 from
9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the firehouse in Scotts Corners. “The blood supply in our area is always critically low at this time of year and can’t keep pace with the demand,” said Daniel Rainford, a PRFD volunteer fireman for more than 15 years and Blood Drive chair for the last 10 years.
“Having the opportunity to help save a life is one of the greatest things anyone can do,” he said. “By donating blood, you are sure to help someone who is unexpectedly in great need.” For more information, contact Daniel at or call Pound Ridge Fire Department at 764-5102. Eat well and drink fluids before you donate. Walk-ins welcome.

The Bed Roll Project is an effort conducted by a dynamite group of women at Pound Ridge Community Church who have gathered twice a month for the past 13 years to painstakingly sew bedrolls for the homeless in NYC. Their handiwork has also made its way to Haiti after the earthquake. The Bedroll Project is currently in need of new and/or used blankets, quilts and comforters to make into sleeping bags filled with toiletries. (Double, queen and king sizes only, please.) Along with donation boxes at Pound Ridge Elementary School, Scotts Corners Market and PRCC, Amanda Lawrence, a 7th grader at Fox Lane Middle School, has taken on this community service project and put boxes in each house at the Middle School, as well as by the central office. “I accidentally stumbled on The Bedroll Project when I went to church and was amazed that these ladies had been doing this project for 13 years – that’s longer than I’ve been alive! I decided I would help by gathering more blankets, which they’ve completely run out of.” Let’s do all we can to spread the warmth of Pound Ridge. To continue the mission, drop off new and/or used blankets, quilts and comforters in the downstairs Commons Room at PRCC. For more information, contact Diane Fulves (The Bedroll Project coordinator) at 584-4273. You can also touch base with Bridget Lawrence ( or 764-9245) and she will be happy to pick your donations.

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A “Talk of the Town” reader wrote and mentioned a fun observation. Last summer, she asked if I’ve ever driven by the parking lot alongside North Star Restaurant in the late afternoon (between 4:30-6). “The chefs/kitchen staff always play soccer and they always look so happy and carefree. It’s such a nice reflection on the restaurant.” We went and checked with the source, co-owner Phil Maniatty. “Yes, my guys in the kitchen are all HUGE soccer fans,” he said. “Once they are finished prepping for the evening and before the night begins, they love to go outside and kick the ball around with each other for 15 minutes or so. They're all very good, too. We have a real family feeling among our staff. Everyone genuinely likes each other and there are always lots of smiles and laughter among them all night. A family that plays together stays together. For this reason I think we have amazing longevity with our staff, most of whom have been with us over three years now.” European-trained Executive Chef Franz Fruhmann, who is on the mark with current food trends, has some exciting new dishes on the fall menu, including Short Rib Parmentier. You start with boneless short rib, marinated in red wine and vegetables for three days. It’s served crushed with a fork and covered with a dome of truffle-mashed potatoes and finished with a red wine sauce. A visual and culinary delight. They also have a new poached lobster with kombucha squash gnocchi and Seared Bay Scallops over lemon-asparagus risotto and a curried carrot broth. North Star is revamping their wine list and welcome customers a chance to submit suggestions as to what wines you’d like to see on the menu. Next time you’re there, check out the comment cards in the restaurant where you can list your faves, both bottles and by the glass. “North Star was designed to feel like it belongs to our customers,” said Phil. “Who better than our customers to design a list that they love.” And for all the groovers out there, North Star will be the spot 2 B when Flipside, the renowned eclectic blues and classic R&B band, makes their appearance on Thursday, Nov. 11, 9-ish to midnight. Their music comes from the melting pot of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Lots of old that sounds completely new. “It’s like nothing you’ve heard before,” said Jim Ballantine, who rocks on bass. Catch songwriter Johnny Garretson on guitar, Shawn Murphy, lead vocals and sax, and Cal Kramer on drums. You can’t beat their original “Pecan Pie,” “Happiness is a State of Mind” and “Choose to Loose the Blues.” You can’t lose.

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