November 14, 2010

RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town"


If you’re looking for a way to chase the winter blues before they even set in, maybe it’s time to tweak your look. Lynn Cesaria, an image consultant and personal stylist, has an eye for fashion and color like it’s nobody’s business. Formerly a stylist and personal shopper at Sak’s Fifth Avenue in NYC, Lynn has been written up in “Town & Country” and can work her magic to help you determine your own style from hair to wardrobe. She is also available for personal shopping from casual to corporate to evening attire, and can alleviate the panic when you need that certain je ne sais quoi special event outfit. How does she do it? Let’s say you want to emulate the hottiness of Victoria Beckham, the classiness of Jackie O, the allure-ness of Gwyneth Paltrow, or the tony-ness of Deborah “Debo” the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire. “I start with going on-line and researching the celebrity my clients would like to emulate,” Lynn said. “I then print out the best photos of outfits that each of them are wearing so that we get a gallery of looks from day to night. When I meet with my client, we’ll do a head-to-toe 3-hour session, talk about her lifestyle and review what’s in her closet – from handbags to coats, sweaters, dresses, suits, etc.” Lynn will pull the classics that need to be revamped (she’ll even share the name of her tailor), and help you get rid of old stuff that you know is outdated and will never be back in style. She’ll make two lists of what is needed to fill in your wardrobe and what she calls, a list of “Want and Must Have” for the season. To make it even easier, Lynn will either accompany you to shop, or do it for you and present her findings. She’s got the eye to make you look more fabulous than you ever thought possible and even knows where to get that stunning Helmut Lang grey dress for under $150. “I give my clients the Bergdorf look at half the price.” Get chic. Contact Lynn/ LRC Image, Styling & Personal Shopping, at

Through the Local Heroes Program sponsored by PRES PTA’s after-school program, PRIDE, students made a thoughtful effort to kick off the season of giving. Local Heroes, which works with registered 501©3s such as Friends of Karen and the Community Center of Northern Westchester, assembled Thanksgiving dinner kits that will be distributed to families whom Friends of Karen social workers have identified as being in need of financial assistance and having a terminally ill child. Kits include non-perishable items for a festive Thanksgiving dinner, plus a $20 gift card to buy perishable items from a supermarket. In addition, a representative from Friends of Karen came to explain how the organization got started and how it helps local families. “Putting together the Thanksgiving dinner kits was a team-building and problem-solving exercise because the children had to strategize how to organize the goods and assemble the kits,” said Claire Quinn on behalf of PRES PTA. “The project also hits home because it gives the children a keen sense of all they have to be thankful for, including good health and family.”

We’re having a bad flashback from Election Day. The new voting method was a colossal, cross-the-board bust. Some thought it worse than taking the SAT and others cursed the new procedure as “nightmarish” … especially if they forgot their reading glasses. “I miss the Caribbean blue voting machines,” said Election Inspector Jody Sullivan as she recalled a fun mention in “Talk of the Town” about 10 years ago. It used to be you went to the Town House, stepped into a brilliantly blue booth that gave the sensation of voting on some far-away island, closed the curtain, pulled the levers, and cast your vote. “This new method is absolutely chaotic,” added Florence Dworetzky. “The ballot is difficult to read and we don’t have adequate space for people to sit down and write.” On the brighter side, she commented, “It’s fun to be an election inspector because it gives an opportunity to see neighbors and catch up on things.”

A warm welcome to Jenson George Sofronas, born on October 6 to proud parents Nargis and James Sofronas. “Just had a wonderful visit in Newport Beach (California) and loved being with Jenson and his ‘big’ sister, Chloe, who is 15-months old,” wrote former longtime Pound Ridge resident and beaming grandmother Anne Sofronas. “We are now up to eight grandchildren—five granddaughters and three grandsons.” “Talk of the Town” shares the joy of this happy news in the Sofronas family.

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