July 30, 2010

RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town"


For internationally recognized photographer/documentarian Lisl Steiner, major projects are in the making in Vienna. She just returned from the opening of “Press Art,” an exhibit at Museum der Moderne that includes her famous photograph taken in 1963, “Times Square.”

“The number 22 is very symbolic in this photo,” Lisl said. “It was taken on November 22 at 2 p.m. and shows 22 people looking into my camera in disbelief that President Kennedy was assassinated.” Her photographs of Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro, Gen. Augusto Pinochet of Chile and other leading figures have been published in a slew of publications, including Time, Life, National Geographic and Newsweek. “Photographing dictators was always my strength,'' she once said. ''I told them what to do — stand up, turn left — and they listened.” In a New York Times profile, Jay Deutsch of the Leica Gallery in Manhattan said, “Lisl comes from a time when there were very few women who were successful in photojournalism. It's also impressive that you can look at her work many years later and see it in a light that's different than if you had been there. She produced work that transcended the moment.'' If you would like to receive a copy of Lisl’s “Times Square,” she is happy to email a copy of it to our Record-Review readers. Contact her at lisl@fosforito9999.com. P.S. Along with being acclaimed for her intuitive lens, she is also one of the coolest octogenarians around. How many 83-year olds do you know who not only have a website (www.lislsteiner.com), but a page on Facebook?

Dale (formerly Krenza) Clearwater, a haircutter who prefers that moniker to “hair stylist” or “hair designer” knows exactly what to do for those with curly/wavy hair. Having worked with all of the mighty celebrity stylists on Madison Avenue, Dale has stepped away from the madness to host her own uni-glassed-in salon in a former horse stable on a secluded estate. She goes for the holistic in hair and cuts every type, but especially loves cutting curly hair.

“With my haircuts, you can toss the hairbrush, run your fingers through your wet hair and it will fall into place,” Dale said, who prides herself on cuts that are long lasting and grow out gracefully. We combed through a bunch of testimonials that came into the newsroom. “Dale has helped me finally come to terms with my curls,” wrote Sylvia Smolensky. “When Dale started cutting my hair, everyone noticed. She really understands hair -- and people too," added Susan Allport Howell. So fahhhgettabout the fancy product, goop and oils. Let Dale help you find your way naturally. Contact daleclearwater@aol.com or call 763-9649.

At this time of year, there’s another buzz in the air, too. Mosquitoes. Clean Ridge Soap Company, based in Pound Ridge, has a eucalyptus citronella blend lotion that helps deter mosquitoes on even the most mosquito-y August evening. The lotion, made from the same ingredients used in all of their lotions: grape seed oil, safflower oil and vitamin E, comes in a 2 oz. bottle for $3 (more than 300 bottles have been sold this summer). If you’re doing a lot of cooking and find yourself elbow-high in onions and garlic, Clean Ridge Soap Company also has a kitchen hand-soap that gets rid of odors. The secret is a citrus blend of lemon and lime essential oils. “The kitchen hand-soap sells as much as our lavender bars,” said Mia Camacho-Fitzgerald, who founded the company in 1998. “We just hit the 1,000 bottle mark, which is incredible to us since the hand-soap has sold uniquely by word-of-mouth.” Clean Ridge Soap Company has a stand every few weeks at Joan Silbersher’s Antiques & Tools Sunday Farmers’ Market on Westchester Avenue (Sundays 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.). To get Pound Ridge Soap Company’s exact Pound Ridge schedule, or to place an order for lotions, bars, lip balms and gift baskets, go to www.cleanridge.com or call 763-5957.

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