July 26, 2010

RECORD-REVIEW "Talk of the Town"


Do you have a meadow in your backyard? When do you mow it? DO you mow it? What sort of local critters live there and are they important? How does the meadow relate to the land around it? In the co-existence between different habitats and animals, can they be supported through our activities or lack of them? (See previous questions 2 and 3.) These are just a few of the crazillion questions Pound Ridge Land Conservancy answers in “Backyard,” an informational new page on their website (www.prlc.net). You’ll find a plethora of material about local flora and fauna that includes naturescaping; water quality and watershed management; and invasive & native plant species. Sub-tabs link you to more terrific information, with updates and new materials added as they are identified. In the “Healthy Yard” tab, for example, you’ll learn that it’s not really a “yard,” but rather a sanctuary for wildlife for you and your family, and a natural haven beneficial to birds, other creatures and people. Your backyard is literally an extension of your home and part of a larger mosaic of the environment in which we live.

“Members of our board and PRLC volunteers have been working hard for over a year on our website and we hope that the ‘Backyard’ page becomes a destination for neighbors who want to use the most up-to-date information and best practices for sustainability in their backyard,” said Elyse Arnow, president of PRLC. “A big thanks to board member Al Gunnison for his detailed research and acumen in identifying the best sites to link to for a variety of important topics impacting how we manage our backyards. We are deeply grateful to all of our members — new and old — for their efforts to help PRLC carry on the mission to maintain the rural character of Pound Ridge through the acquisition and conservation of undeveloped land. Our amazing angels help us continue our work to preserve Pound Ridge’s open space heritage.”

Candace Connors Vorhaus, a certified Feng Shui consultant, not only tries to make the world a gentler place room by room, but she and her colleagues, Katherine Metz and other Art of Placement affiliates, have launched a thoughtful grass roots world-wide rave to remind people that the missing link to prosperity, happiness and success is kindness. The nifty reusable, pink stickers that say “CarryOutKindness, Take It With You, Place It Anywhere” are on their way to Pound Ridge. The key is to retag kindness by putting them on shopping bags, on your check before paying your server, or even when greeting a person on Westchester Avenue and offering a sticker of kindness.
“If you perform one good deed a day, success happens,” said Candace. “It moves you forward and generates a value that’s needed most right now. Why kindness? The same feeling that generates benevolence in a human being also generates abundance.” The objective is to circulate more than 100,000 stickers during the month of August. To get a supply, go to www.CarryOutKindness.com. Once you get them, use them. Generosity of spirit and kindness go a long way.

So does love and caring. We received a note from Angela Jobe, who is still looking for a home for two kittens found in a drain pipe behind The Wooden Nickel in Katonah. “No mama … just each other.” The Jobes have been fostering and nurturing the seraphic feline twosome, 8-week olds, “Piper” and “Tank”, for four weeks. “We play with them so they are used to people and dogs. Sadly, (my husband), Steve, is allergic to cats, so they have to go.” Photos of the kittens are available. Contact Angela at 764-3096 or ajobe@optonline.net. Little pink stickers, anyone? This is the perfect opportunity to CarryOutKindness.

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