December 12, 2009

Bedford/Pound Ridge RECORD-REVIEW: "Talk of the Town" /

"Talk of the Town"

By Bonni Brodnick

Notice some town swaggery going on? The Pound Ridge Garden Club has once again added their seasonal flair by hanging evergreen swags to road signs throughout town. Along with the snowstorm over the weekend, the swags make our beautiful town look like it is straight out of a page from Courier and Ives. We are truly blessed to live in what author Jay Harris called Pound Ridge, “God’s Country.”

Carrie Sears, master gardener and Horticulture Chair of the Pound Ridge Garden Club, offers a few good tips for holiday evergreens: if you are buying a cut tree, hold it upright by the trunk, raise it off the ground, and tap the cut-end once or twice on the ground. Choose varieties that are known to last a long time, e.g. Scotch or White pine; or Balsam, Fraser, Nobel, White or Douglas firs. “When buying evergreens, look for dark or bright green, flexible branches that are holding their needles,” advises Carrie. “Store greens that you can’t use right away outside or in an unheated garage; and keep them covered and moist. For outdoor roping, use White pine or Hemlock. For indoor roping, use white pine.” And remember that Holly leaves will dry out, but do not drop, so be sure to keep candles away. Post-holidays, use cut greens as a protective cover (mulch) for flower beds, and then remove them (the protective cover) in the spring.

Baked Chatham Bay Cod topped with crushed salt cod, olive oil, garlic, potatoes, and a leek fondue Zinfandel sauce. Or how about Braised Beef Short Rib with a parsnip mascarpone puree and pinot noir sauce. Hungry? North Star Restaurant co-owners Philip Maniatty and David Schlack are pleased to announce this and more on their new holiday menu. And if you’re looking for a night-on-the-town beyond Saturday, North Star continues to do their half-price bottles of wine every Tuesday night, and have added “Acoustic Wednesdays” as well. The music starts at 8 p.m. and is low-volume and cool.
“We tap local talent, most of whom find us, and I must say, they are all excellent,” said Phil. Two guys in one of the groups are Yale music students. Another, Andrew Bordeaux, an extraordinary singer as well as guitar and violin player, graduated Harvard a couple years ago. And then, of course, there is Andy Aledort, who is Dickey Betts' (Allman Brothers) guitar player, who also plays North Star “Acoustic Wednesdays,” the Holy Grail for acoustic music lovers. And don’t forget Dennis Collins, who sings every Sunday night from 6:30-9:30. He just appeared on “Saturday Night Live” singing in a skit. This all sounds delicious and fun. To make a rez, call North Star at 764-0200.

Remember to shop local this holiday season. Scotts Corners is a-buzz with wonderful shops that offer the uniquely unique in gift giving. Topiary: The Flower Shop, next to Phil’s barbershop, has beautiful gifts from $25 and up. Beautifully wrapped cabbage and artichoke candles are terrific hostess gifts. Victorian orbs made with cedar, blue spruce and pinecones are elegant for porches or any sort of outside overhang. And the roses, oh, the roses. Sandy Wellons, owner, has varieties to thrill the recipient. Try Cherry Brand High, Big Fun, Hot Lady (shocking pink), Eilsa (a peachy spray rose on a stem), Mambo Orange, and a new long-lasting rose called Rannanucula. Call Topiary at 764-1154.

“Aunt Edna's Brownies,” “Molasses Crinkles,” “Candy Cane Cookies,” “Frosted Cut-Outs,” “Bourbon Balls,” “Coconut Lemon Melt-aways,” and “Expresso Thins.” These are just a few of the cookies from old family recipes that will be at the Pound Ridge Community Church Holiday Fair and Cookie Walk (Friday, Dec. 11 and Saturday, Dec. 12, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) Between this, that and the swags (see first paragraph), you’re guaranteed to get in the holiday moment.

On a more somber note … Pound Ridge son and American patriot, Captain Eric A. Jones, a Marine pilot killed in a helicopter collision in Afghanistan in October, will be honored at a candlelight vigil at Fox Lane High School football field on Saturday, Dec. 12 at 6 p.m. Eric was 29 years old and a Fox Lane grad. Jackie Guidry, his fiancée from Houston, and Mike Warshaw, his best friend from Pound Ridge, will attend the lights on/lights off ceremony for the former football and lacrosse athlete. Bundle up the children and bring them along, too, so they can learn more about the valor of Captain Eric A. Jones, a true Pound Ridge hero.

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Hello Bonnie, you mention "Aunt Edna's Brownies", is that Edna Proscio? If so, that is my paternal grandmother's [Florence Carmen Barker] younger sister. I wonder who submitted the recipe, cause Aunt Edna was a fabulous baker.

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