May 6, 2024

Remember the broach I wore to that party?

 This is the mirror on the back wall of the Music Room at Caramoor. According to Samantha Perkins, in the Rosen House Collections and Archives department, "The mirror is a XVI Century octagonal carved and gilt mirror from Florence. It was purchased by the Rosens from the Italian antique dealer Adolf Loewi. "We have yet to locate the receipt to indicate when It was purchased, but it has always hung in the location where you saw it in the music room. Walter Rosen designed the layout of that wall and placed it there." 


Music Room, east wall of balcony (Photo courtesy of Rosen House at Caramoor)

Doesn't it look like the diamond broach I wore to that party? Remember? The shape of it and the way it reflects light? You commented on how beautiful the cut was.  

I will never forget what you said next.

I will always remember what you said next.

(Two ways of saying the same thing.)

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