January 11, 2024

Bonni Meets Her Support Team at Phelps!!!

    These women did so much for me while I was an inpatient acute care at Phelps Hospital/Northwell Health. From left to right: Kathy (occupational therapist who helped me get the frikkin' pegs from one side of the board to the other and showed me how a strokester can safely shower); Joanne (physical therapist, helped me do what were simple things before, like climb up three stairs, then turn around and walk down three stairs, or walk in the hallway and point out every fire alarm I saw. It was an excruciating exercise at the time because there was so much going on in the hallway ... like people walking!); and Cynthia (speech therapist who helped me discover that the words I lost were still there, in a file cabinet somewhere in my brain.)

I was getting a little verklempt while speaking with Joanne. 

Andrew, my pillar. He was in the audience, and I called him down. He talked about what it was like after the four-hour brain operation to get that (nearly life-ending) clot out of my brain. "The neurosurgeon finally came out and said, 'This person is not only going to survive but thrive."

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