September 1, 2022

"I Lost My Glasses! HELP"

Photo by the Author

I kept playing in my mind the last time I saw them. Retracing my steps. I remember sitting over there. I was thinking I needed to wash the green eyeglass swatches.

Then backtracked what I had done at what hour and where I had been. Did they fall out of my purse when I was having tea and croissant at that French place? Or what about that other shop? I called both places and asked if anyone found a black case with tortoiseshell glasses. Both said no.

I was obsessed.

Finally, my husband found them while searching for an umbrella in the back of the car. My obsession had fallen inside a cloth bag with jumper cables. “Look what I found,” he said.

There was the black case with tortoiseshell glasses.

Just as I imagined. I embraced them tightly.

#  #  #

*Originally published by "The Shortform" on MEDIUM / 100 Words

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