August 22, 2022

Mom Said My Hair Looked "Mouse-y" (Did she mean "mousse-y"??)


In writing about hair coloring (stay tuned!), I remembered something ...

While I was still in nursing mode with my first born, my mother said, “Darling, your hair looks sort of mouse-y.” 

Mouse-y? Could she have meant mousse-y? I hadn’t been able to wash my hair (let alone shower) for a few days and I did have a lot of mousse on that day.

“Mom, what do you mean?”

“Well, a lot of times after giving birth, a woman will start losing her hair. Other woman’s hair color changes and it looks, well, more brown. Ish. Like yours is getting."

"Maybe she’s right,” I thought in my exhausted state. Box-dye beckoned. I went to the local drugstore and searched for a box with the model wearing light brown. When I brought it home and tried doing it myself, it looked horrible.

Result: Mom said she would treat me to go to a hairdresser to "fix" it.

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